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Friday, December 9, 2011

Macho Male Faces in Vogue

Females are attracted towards alpha males is a universal fact. However to be an alpha male, you must possess certain qualities which may appeal strongly to women. However this theory is now backed up with a new study. According to a new scientific study from Indiana University's Kinsey Institute, women prefer masculine male faces over feminized male faces as a potential sex partner.

The research shows that women brain respond more strongly towards macho face when they are close to ovulation. The finding was published in an online edition of the journal "Evolution and Human Behavior", which confirm the link between women's hormone levels and their brain activity.

The preference of masculine faces is more because that indicate a higher level of testosterone in males. While ovulating, a female crave for acquire the best gene for her offspring. These fluctuating preferences are thought to reflect the evolutionarily changes in women's reproductive priorities. Masculinity is also selected to carry out her immediate goals (i.e. to acquire better gene) and how attractive she rates herself. Sometimes these brain tricks play a vital role in deciding woman's sex drive.

If we see the other side of this research, other than their fertile period a feminized male is preferred because they are good spouse and partners. They are more into a relationship due to their emotional nature. In case of masculine males, they barely stay at home due to the high level of testosterone i.e. they are not faithful.

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