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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fish oil and omega 3 fatty acid content in question

Blackmores fish oil quality is assured

News media is today reporting widely on results from a single piece of research claiming that of 32
Australian and New Zealand fish oil brands, most did not contain the levels of EPA and DHA stated on the
label and some had alarming levels of oxidation.

The authors of the research admit themselves that their testing has some limitations, furthermore:

• Supplements tested were bought from a single store and the authors have not investigated whether
there was any storage issue

• No brands are named so the results cannot be compared to other tests on the same batch

• There are questions raised about the test methodology that was applied and whether it was validated
Regardless of these study limitations, Blackmores can provide full
assurance in the quality of our fish oils:

• Our fish oil is independently tested a minimum of three times for EPA and DHA levels from the time
the fish are harvested until the capsules are bottled.

• In addition, Blackmores has a stability program that ensures batches are quality tested by both an
independent laboratory as well as our own quality assurance team. This quality evaluation ensures
Blackmores fish oil retains its purity and potency throughout their shelf life.

• Every Blackmores product sold in Australia and New Zealand comes through our facility at Warriewood
in Sydney for further quality evaluation.

• There are several different ways to test EPA and DHA levels in fish oil and the method we use gives us
confidence that our products maintain their freshness, quality and are true to label.

• We are a member of GOED, a global Omega-3 organisation imposing strict quality requirements for
members products. It also gives us access to the latest research on testing methodologies.
Blackmores quality program is unrivalled. If you are a retailer of Blackmores products and
would like further information on our quality testing, please call Blackmores Advisory Service
on 1800 803 760.

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